Advantages of using EasyBin

Reduction of costs and harvest time with dynamic routing based on the reported occupancy levels. Automatic bin monitoring provides early alerts when full, allowing optimization in route planning, ensuring that no visits are lost and that unsightly bin overflow is a thing of the past.

EasyBin is not limited to garbage collection. The nPod sensors can be placed in almost any container to monitor the condition of the bin, when you want to know the fullness level, sending an alert if it has caught fire, moved or overturned.

Cost reduction

  • Significant fuel savings
  • Reduction of vehicle fleet size
  • Removal of little used bins
  • Reduced wear and maintenance for harvesting vehicles
  • Fight against theft of bins and their contents
  • Full use of your workforce

Efficient operation

  • Elimination of unnecessary itineraries
  • Optimization of waste collection routes
  • Avoid unsightly overflowing bins
  • Increase production capacity in areas where it is needed

Use the EasyBin API to power your existing software packages with important full-level data.

Bin monitoring and reporting

  • Analysis of existing harvest routes with real levels of occupancy
  • Collecting data for the creation of new harvesting systems
  • Determining the movement of the bins using the EasyBin Analyzer tool
  • Reports on occupancy levels per neighborhood
  • API for interfacing with third party systems, such as fleet management applications as well as Mobile citizen information applications.