Our Excel-based data analysis tool enables in-depth analysis of EasyBin's powerful raw data in just a few clicks.

EasyBin Analyzer is a free add-on to the complete EasyBin range that significantly extends the analysis that can be performed on the data collected by the system.

The analyzer processes a * CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that contains the bin level data and produces an Excel spreadsheet that shows the performance statistics for the period requested. The data is sorted and presented so that an employee with basic Excel knowledge can perform targeted analysis in specific areas not covered by the EasyBin suite. Bin data is automatically sorted into locations, sub-locations, individual locations, and content types that allow quick and insightful conclusions about the performance of the bins managed by the EasyBin system.

* CSV files: files that contain data in Excel format, ie contain multiple fields with one or more values ​​for each field.