Vodafone showcase netBin at CeBIT

Vodafone showcase netBin in GIGA City exhibition at CeBIT

FarSite are delighted to announce that netBin will be featuring in the Vodafone pavilion 32 at the world renowned CeBiT technology show in Hanover later this month.

In partnership with Vodafone and DB Systel, the internal ICT partner of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) the netBin showcase will feature a live demo using groundbreaking IoT communications technology NB-IoT.Vodafone showcase netBin

Narrow Band IoT will extend battery life of netBin fill level sensors to well in excess of 10 years even with many communications per day and enable great signal penetration for use underground and in rural areas. This live demo is significant step towards deployment NB-IoT sensors in field.

Throughout the show attendees will have access to the netBin HUB showing fill level information from the Deutsche Bahn litter bin which will be situated in Vodafone’s small smart city exhibit.

The netBin fill level monitoring system offers facility managers the ability to monitor waste levels of bins across the country and optimise collections based on fill level and learnt bin filling rates. Tilt sensors can detect collections and temperature monitoring allows managers to have real time fire detection.