WeiTech show netBin in Taiwan

WeiTech introduced netBin to Taiwan at the Smart City Expo in Taipei City

Respected Taiwanese technology company WeiTech Communications  invested in the IoT market in Taiwan by bringing the smart waste management system netBin to the Smart City Summit & Expo last month at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Tapei.

netBin at Smart City Expo

Throughout the show netBin attracted a lot of attention with attendees able to see a live demo of the netBin HUB and the opportunity to see the unique netBin nPod sensor.

Derek Rhodes of WeiTech said “We exhibited six IoT solutions at the Smart City Expo 2017 in Taipei in February. A highlight was FarSite Communications netBin system which received a lot of attention from Taiwan’s city governments. We look forward to turning this interest into netBin deployments in the near future.”

WeiTech - netBin fill level monitoring

The netBin fill level monitoring system offers waste managers the ability to monitor waste levels of bins across the city and optimise collections based on fill level and learnt bin filling rates. Tilt sensors can detect collections and temperature monitoring allows managers to have real time fire detection.

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